Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Party 1 of 4

"I'm tired, I don't want to go"

I'm sitting in front of the dresser, looking at myself and not finding my reflection in any way satisfactory. I am drained.

"We have to go", his voice comes from the batroom, barely audible over the buzzing of his shaver.
"And don't worry. It's going to be quite low key. Plus it's in that Georgian house you really like. Remember? Near Wallace Collection?"

That appeals to me. I love Georgian architecture. The imposing sash windows, clean lines, ornate functionality and rooms with two doors. Two ways to exit somewhere where you don't want to be.

'Okay', I give in. "What am I wearing?"

The buzzing stops and he walks out of the bathroom smiling.

"That's more like it"

"Shall I wear that black origami zipper dress", I say and start putting on my foundation. It's a gorgeous woolen dress with cut outs at the back.

"Too edgy", he says and opens the wardrobe. "It's not that kind of crowd"

He appears behind me with a cream Jill Sander dress. It's a minimal, beautiful piece, clean lines, dropped waist, flapper-dress but demure. The panels at the front look innocent until you it down and they part showing off my thighs. He loves that dress. I do too but feeling a bit peaky, I want some armour on me tonight.

"I really want to wear that zipper dress"

"Indulge me", he says and leans over to kiss my neck. His hand wanders down my thigh parting my bathrobe. I gasp. He slides his fingers inside me. I gasp again, part my legs and look at myself in the mirror, my eyes wide open, only part of my face blushed with the rouge, his hair, wavy and dark against my cheek, his face on my collar bone.

"Well, you are ready after all" he speaks and his voice reverberates against my chest.

"Always ready"

"No", he takes his hand away. "We'll be late"

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