Wednesday, 2 January 2013

In public

I meet him in a ball pit in a fetish club. You know, one of these things designed for kids, ball pits, not fetish clubs. And I feel like a kid as I am just slowly taking off on MDMA with a massive rush, luxuriating in textures and shapes, happy like an 8-year-old.

He plonks himself next to me. Slim, strawberry blonde, beautiful.

We chat for a bit as you do. His elfin face and feminine affectation is very endearing. I am easy and flowing. It all feels good.

Then he kisses me. His tongue is small, delightful, teasing. We are kissing and kissing and kissing, under the constant waterfall of falling balls. My face keeps disappearing, enveloped in darkness. 

All there is, is his lips.

In the end, I open my corset myself then guide his hand in. I want him on my breasts. I like the body to body experience of teenage-like lust. Gentle pinch of the nipples from his hands, I utter a vocal appreciation of it as I start moaning into his mouth. He pulls me closer and I feel his cock, hard and teasing my thigh. I feel that overwhelming aching need to have him inside me now.

He's the man in the situation.

"Shall we go to the Couples' Room?", he asks with that delightful eagerness that mirrors mine.

He doesn't need to ask me that. I want that beautiful man to fuck me so much I would climb Mount Everest in flip flops.

We are rushing there, I lead, navigating the crowd so quickly he barely keeps up with me. And once we are there, behind the muslin curtains, we go for the first available space, next to a couple leisurely playing with each other.

We lay down, kiss more and I am now free to writhe under him at will. He takes off his trousers and I see his cock. It's so beautiful it takes my breath away. Pink, thick, smooth, just the right length with a well trimmed bush, hard as rock. Delicious.

I want to suck it  but a stupid self-conscious thought of appearing too needy gets into my head. Never mind because he is on top of me, still kissing me, saliva dropping from his mouth into mine. I lock him between my thighs. I feels right.

I want him now. I rip off my corset and then comically struggle with my leggings and boots.

"Do you have any condoms?' 

"No", his face displays sheer desperation which is a mirror image of mine. I want him inside me. I want that gorgeous thickness to penetrate me.

He dashes off to ask around but I am entertained. The guy in the couple next to us starts fingering me and I like it. I touch his girl's tits, fascinated by the set up. I have never done it before but it feels natural. I love her nipples.

My boy is back. With a condom. He puts it on his cock and he enters me. It's heaven. You see, for a me, to have a hard, beautiful cock inside me is always a special happening. It's a big compliment.

For a moment he goes soft and I can see his beautiful boyish face furrow in worry.

"Stop it', I say. "Stop it. You are so gorgeous. Let me suck your cock"

And I do. Good Lord, he tastes like heaven. Musky, clean, fragrant. I give him long wet leisurely licks, dripping saliva on my chin, then take it all the way down to my throat. I feel him harden as he moans and holds my hair. He's a talker too and I like it.

"God, you are amazing at it. Don't stop." he whispers to me. I know I am good. The Teacher taught me how to suck cock properly.

And he's ready again.

He starts fucking me from behind holding my neck. I sway towards him, hungry for more, for him to fill me up. He moans and stretches, his hands cling to my neck a bit harder and he comes in a shudder while I squeeze his cock with my soaked cunt.

I turn around, look at his cock all wet, softening slowly, with his sperm in a neat pool at the end of the condom. I take it off and lick the tip of his cock. I smile. I knew his spunk would be as delicious as the whole of him.

'You are amazing', he says kissing my face gently.

'So are you... Would you like to be my lover?', I respond.

'Yes, I would love to', he breathes into my neck.

We get up and face several people around us, watching us, smiling and giving us thumbs up.

I smile graciously.

And, I can't wait to fuck him again.



  1. It's 2 thumbs up from me. Quite a delicious scene you paint.

  2. Thank you so much. It was delicious to be in it. Glad you enjoyed it.