Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Teacher 2 of 3

I take my arms away, not for a moment daring to defy him.

He opens my shirt and pinches my nipples, piercing the simple cotton bra I am  wearing. He deftly opens the clip of it and frees my breasts.

He is now standing very close to me and I take in his smell. Kiehl's Musk No 1. 

"Legs apart, and bend over", he orders.

I don't argue. 

"Arch your back"

I do.


I do.

"I will punish you now. Count every stroke"

He starts spanking me. Hard. 

"One, two three, four, five, ouch, ouch, six, seven, ouch ouch ouch please stop"

"You missed one", he says measuredly. "I will have to start again, and continue until you get it right"
And he does. 

When he finishes, I am defeated. My legs are trembling, I am out of breath and my bottom is smarting. 

He grabs my hair, pulls my head back and stands me up.

"What are you?"

"I don't know", I say, choking with tears. I genuinely don't. I am a shivering limp mess and my head is all over the place.

"You are a filthy little slut. Say it"

"A filthy little slut"

"Louder. I can't hear you. What are you?"

"A filthy little slut", I sob, my head is now resting on his shoulder, my cheek brushing against the coarse wool finish of his tailcoat.

"Good girl", he says finally pleased. "On your knees now"

When I drop to the floor, I have it waiting for me. Hard, smooth cock, sticking out of his trousers.

"No hands. And take it all the way down your throat", he instructs me.

And I do. Because by now, I am as good as gold.

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