Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Epiphany 3 of 4

I am eating the toast he made me, as he watches me intently, sipping tea.

'I am not feeling well. May have a cold', I sniffle.

He brings me a Lemsip and a glass of water. 

The food, the medicine is very functional. It's like he wants me to be well because I have a purpose for now. I am his fuck toy. A new one too. He knows he bagged himself something else. A wiling little fetish virgin. I don't. Yet.I just go with it.

He leaves the room to get dressed. He tells me. He likes running a real-time narrative of his activities.

I get up and wander over to his bedroom. He's there. Fully dressed and lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

'Come here'

I lay next to him and snuggle up, spooning, with my back to him.

'Are you offering your arse to me?'

In actual fact, I am not. I am just snuggling up. But he has other ideas.

I can hear his flies being unzipped. He turns me over and I am faced with his cock. Hard, thick, smooth, olive-skinned, like the rest of him. 

'Suck my cock'

I hesitate.

'But I..."

Don't get to finish my sentence. He grabs hold of my hair and pushes my head down, his cock filling my mouth completely, choking me. I disconnect for a moment. Like it's not happening. I have always liked sucking cock, but never with strangers. It was a boundary I would not cross. Yet, once again, I acquiesce. His smell is beautiful. Naturally musky and yet fresh.

I lock my palms around his girth, catch my breath and start slowly work my tongue from the shaft, sucking on the smoothness of its head. I am shy and gingerly. A very clear instruction follows, one that I will always adhere to from now on, although I don't know it at the time.

'No hands'

To be fair, I don't really get to suck his cock anyway. I can't. Because he starts fucking my mouth, and soon my tongue gets lost in the sensation, his hand grabbing hold of my hair, using me like my mouth is just an extension of my cunt, his cock sliding relentlessly into the surprised openness of my throat. He gags me, my eyes streaming with tears, my face covered in my own saliva and snot as I repeatedly choke. I am taken aback by the force and intensity of it. I have never been fucked in my mouth, you see. When he finally comes, his seed trickles out slowly onto his belly from between my swollen lips.

'Good girl' 

There. Having your mouth fucked makes you a good girl apparently.

"Your face is a mess' he notes, with a degree of satisfaction. I sense he likes it. A clear demonstration of his possession of me.  He turns me over and holds me in a comfortable grip. I note he never strokes me or plays with me. He just holds me. Like you'd hold a pet.

We sleep for a bit and then get up. I check my phone. Three new messages. He watches me intently, preempting any opportunity for me to leave.

'Just tell them you are okay and that you will call them later'

I know he wants me here, in a uninterrupted flow of availability, and oddly, once again, the usually mouthy me just gives in to the notion of having no say in this equation.

'We are going for a walk now', he says and hands me his laptop open on Times Out website. 'Find something for us to see'

I suggest V&A. My favourite museum. I babble excitedly for a moment about some awesome exhibition or another. He ignores it and we head for Museum of London instead. 'Whatever', I think, full of resentment. We walk through parks and wander through streets. I am not enjoying it. I am so uncomfortable around him when I am not horizontal and being fucked, the hours drag. He makes me have dinner in a restaurant too. I am trying to tell the usual set of my exceedingly amusing stories and trivia which I seem to store like some sort of fact-processor and all of them fall flat. Good Lord, this is hard work.

We finally get back to the bloody Battersea. As we are walking along the Battersea Something Road/Street/Rise (that place just has no discernible centre), my mind starts wandering off. I am considering stopping right now, saying goodbye and leaving. 

And, as if sensing my hesitation, he simply announces out of the blue, without looking at me:

'When we get back, I am going to punish you very harshly and fuck you again'

And that makes me stay.

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