Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Someone else's fantasy

I love bisexual boys.

There is something so appealing about a man who takes it up the arse without the God-fearing anxiety that this may somehow immediately rob him of his masculinity and likes to play with me. Bonus.

This one is a ballet dancer I chance upon in a fetish club.

Actually, it's my friend who does, marvelling at his rock hard abs. I join the conversation and soon it's clear that my dommy attire (high-waisted jodhpurs, thigh-high boots, a see through black shirt buttoned up to the neck, my short white hair slicked back with a Teutonic efficiency and a riding crop in my hand) holds quite an attraction to our boy. It's just an outfit, but as they say, look the part, be the part.

'Come with me', I say in an imperious manner, and walk away. He follows me to the play area. My friend waves us off happily. We like to share.

We find the nearest fuck booth and play for a bit. And chat in between all the kissing and rubbing. I am direct to the point of rudeness but he's happy to answer all of my questions. He likes to play with the boys. Likes to be fucked by them. 

Well, I am not a boy and I don't have a strap-on handy. But do I have an idea. Idea that is really my own idea of having fun, but I decide to try it on him.

'I want you to wank for me. Lie down'

He does so obediently, holding his rock-hard cock eagerly.

He starts wanking and closes his eyes.

'Open your eyes', I order. 'And look at me'

He does, his hand on his cock, palms working the head of it in short strokes. 

I lean against the wall, watching him, tapping my boot with the crop in time with his rhythm.

I love watching boys wank, their techniques, favourite moves, exercised so thoroughly over the years.

He reaches out to touch me.

'No. Do not touch me!', I lash the offending hand with a sharp stroke of the crop. 'Focus on yourself'

He retracts the hand but eyes are still fixed on mine. He clearly likes being told.

I start talking slowly. Savouring every word.

'What and I going to do with you? I think I will take you to a gay nightclub, you little... boy slut. Because you like boys. I will take you to a dark room. You know, a dark room, full of sweaty big men, wanking, blowing each other and fucking up the arse. Sweat and cum everywhere. Can you smell it?'

He wanks even harder now and starts moaning.

'Be quiet', I gently put the soft tip of the riding crop on his mouth.'I don't want to hear you. Promise to be quiet. Just nod your head'

He does eagerly and I can see precum dripping onto his palms. I run the whip up and down his chest, occasionally teasing his nipples.

'I will put you in the corner, cuff you and write 'USE ME' on your back with a glow-in-the-dark marker in nice big letters so you are shining in the dark like a good cum slut that you are. I will have the men queue up to fuck you. Big hairy bears, one by one taking you up the arse. I may let them bareback you as well. Depending on what mood I'll be in'

I can see how close he is to coming because he starts arching and his fingers work his cock even faster now.

'Stop', I say. He doesn't.

'I said stop!' and I swiftly catch his hand with the tip of my crop. It definitely hurts enough for him to stop.

I come closer, kneel and start whispering into his ear.

'There will be men fucking you, there will be men all around you wanking, covering you in cum. Your back, your shoulders, your hair and face. You will be dripping in it.'

His eyes stare at me pleadingly, his cock straining for touch. His own, mine, anybody's. I am half tempted to leave him there and find an obliging cock now. But that would be cruel and logistical nightmare anyway.

'You may wank again', I say. I know he's ready. He grabs his cock and starts again in furious strokes.

'And you know what? I am there all the time, watching you. Chatting with the other men, laughing, pointing at you, managing the queue. And after taking at least 6 you will be too sore to take any more and you will start crying. So to make you shut up, I will have the biggest cock in the room fuck you in your mouth, right down your throat to keep you quiet and have another sodomise you again. So that you will be fucked in all holes to make you understand that you are a little dirty boy slut'

And that does it. He spurts, groaning and shaking, onto these rock hard abs, pumping his cock right until the last drop.

As his spasms quieten, I put my hand on his forehead and stroke him gently.

'Are you all right?', I ask. For some reason I fear I may have gone too far or it was too intense or whatever.

'Yes, and thank you. Thank you', he replies and closes his eyes.

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