Sunday, 8 July 2012

Wet. Again.

It happens again today.

He's browsing movies on LoveFilm. We are going to watch something. 

I have other plans. His closeness brings out my kittenish demanding me.

Slowly, I start kissing him, my entire body arched towards his, willing.

"Oh', he says, puts away his laptop and pulls me closer.

Yes. That's what kitten wants.

And what kitten wants, kitten gets.

He kisses me briefly, and then I get hard, hot erect cock between my legs. Needless to say I am ready dripping wet just wanting, open and ready.

As he fucks me, I beg. 

"Please, please, please"

I breached 'no talking policy'

'Oh dear...'

As I get his fingers filling my mouth I come spasming and quietly let go.

He comes all over me. Literally. His spunk hitting my belly is one of the most beautiful things ever. I smear it all over myself with a satisfied smug smile.

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