Thursday, 26 July 2012

A conversation one day

Teacher used to tease out the most well-though out pieces of me. Like this one.

Well, I was thinking being at a garden party with lots of adults, and just running around, in plimsolls, short skirt and cotton panties, as you do and then being cornered by my Dad's friend somewhere quiet. 

I can totally feel the tension but I don't yet quite know what it means so I am bit scared and shy at the same time. I sort of know that being touched and stroked till I gasp is not quite what I should expect to happen from an older man but I am getting wet and shaky and the novelty and excitement of it is just to hard to resist especially as you clearly know what you are doing gently stroking me through my knickers which by now are very wet although I am still keeping my legs together like Mum told me girls should do. I can still hear the party in the background and I am thinking that someone may come and find us but all I am thinking about is that I want this to continue. 

My nipples are so hard underneath my little cotton bra that it's almost painful and as you starts pinching them in a languid, reassured way I am ready to be fucked senseless. As I observe your tongue tease the dark flesh of the nipple I don't even know that exactly means.. But then you just push my hand on your cock and as I get my hand around it, all warm and smooth and hard I suddenly I get it and open my legs.

Enough of that... I...

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