Thursday, 5 July 2012

The great outdoors

The day is gorgeous. The surroundings even more so. A castle, a waterfall, thick wood surrounding us, people milling around, music from the stage pounding in the background. The light is shimmering through the branches with that unmistakable afternoon gentleness.

"I want you to fuck me now", I say boldly. "But let's get a drink first"

As we stand at the bar, I order the drinks and I try to look dignified as his fingers sneak up my dress. I have no knickers on. I lost these swimming in the waterfall few minutes ago. My body is recovering from having been plunged into freezing water in that delightful 'goosebumps just easing' way. My nipples are still erect. But the sensation I care about is that between my legs. My pussy is feeling slippery and fresh, I can feel every move I make as more juice is slowly dripping out onto my thighs.

We sneak off, voices of kids shrieking with delight in a nearby adventure garden and fellow festival goers falling away as we walk through the woods, humming with crickets.

We don't go that far because there is no need to. As in there is need and that one overrides any sensibilities.

We kiss briefly. This is not about taking time. I want to be fucked. Now.

He pushes me onto my knees. The undergrowth feels gorgeously soft and I am so comfortable that when his cock, rock hard, takes my mouth, I close my lips greedily around it, licking, sucking, my mouth salivating. I take my time to play with the deliciousness of it.

He has other plans.

He lifts me up, pushes me forward, bends me over a fallen tree and hikes my dress up. I part my legs wide because I want him now and I want him deep. He peruses my arse just for a moment, adjusts my hips to his liking, pushes my down and as his cock stars parting the swollen drenched lips of my pussy, I feel myself closing around his girth inch by inch in a hot wet needy clasp. 

The sun is penetrating through my closed eyes. He fucks me hard.
I am moving with his cock and by now, I am whining, whingeing, begging, my arms holding onto the mossy trunk.
"Yes, please, take me like tha.."

He reaches over and puts his hand on my mouth to keep me quiet and I come so quickly it surprises me. As my head is spinning, I feel his spunk hit me. Deep inside.

The crickets are singing. It's country side after all.

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