Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My arse

Well, I am funny about my bum. Not in the strict sense. I have an exceedingly good arse so I like it to be stared at, admired, stroked and caressed. And even more so spanked, caned and whipped. If I notch up a welt or two or an unsightly bruise, I am a happy woman. But still. I don't necessarily like to be fucked up my arse. 

As I said, I am funny about it.

I have done things in my relentless pursuit of sexual exploration that at first I found incomprehensible. And so did my friends, constantly amused by my exploits.

Schoolgirl, escort, secretary. Turning up in a hotel wearing nothing but a smile and a long coat. Being fucked by a virtual stranger in an alleyway in Soho. Talking so fucking dirty it made the air turn blue with things so taboo, even thinking of them seems very wrong. Being tied down, whipped, spanked, caned.

Yet. Taking it up the wrong 'un. No.

Even when one of my favourite lovers suggested it once, I just said coldly "I AM FUNNY ABOUT MY BUM', and stonewalled it. It needed capitals because that's how strongly I felt about it.

On that particular day, we fooled around for a bit on the sofa as you do. Kissing intensely, saliva coating our mouths. I wetted your cock with my mouth, sucking greedily, inadvertently lubricating it with my needy lips and as your cock nestled at my pussy I said no. I was on my period. Boundaries and logistics... blah blah...

We kissed a bit more. My breasts were heavy with menstrual tension. My nipples dark pink and painful, yet appreciative of the drenched sucking you meted out with your lips. I was on top of you, stretching, rubbing, begging to be fucked.

And then you flipped me over and played with me, your fingers opening my pussy, your cock probing around. Suddenly, the tip of your cock, playfully based at my arse was no longer just there. It was there because I wanted it to be there. You got that pretty quickly.

'Touch yourself', you ordered.

And so I did. As my clit was swelling in response to my teasing fingers, I could feel your cock, opening my arse and sliding into the cavity of it. It hurt. But the thought of you taking me that way was so incredibly powerful that I simply could not think of anything but just pushing my arse out and opening a bit more for you to take me. To posses me fully. To take what was rightfully yours.

I ended up stretched out, helpless, with your hard thick gorgeous cock up my arse, biting the pillow under my mumbling mouth as the sensation just overwhelmed me. Your slow pulsating girth filled me up time after time, and my fingers were feverishly taking me up to a shattering climax.

'Does it feel right?' you asked thoughtfully. Nice.

'Yes' I gasped (or said something approximating a word) not wanting you to stop while your cock was penetrating every single boundary I ever had.

I have been done up my bum at last.

I am feeling very right about it now. And not at all funny.

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