Sunday, 15 April 2012

Teacher 1 of 3

I am very careful getting out of the cab. I am wearing a long smart coat but underneath, I am all schoolgirl. Tartan mini skirt, a pair of innocent checkered knickers, knee high socks, white shirt and a House Prefect badge. I am a stickler for detail like that.

I walk into the building. The bored concierge gives me a cursory glance. 

I breeze past him and wait for the lift. I feel his eyes on my back and turn around. He is staring at me.

When I walk into the lift and catch a my reflection in the mirrored walls I know why. My coat has a split at the back and under all that demureness, you can see my legs, the socks and the fact that the skirt barely covers my arse. Oh well.

He opens the door. In character. He is wearing a pair of jodhpurs, boots and a tailcoat.

I am so fucking nervous I shiver like a leaf. In all honesty, I am always a bit scared of him anyway but tonight, I am positively terrified. I haven't done this before. It's an uncharted territory. I may as well be trying to climb Mount Everest in a pair of fucking flip-flops.

He walks me into the living room. There is a desk and a chair in the middle of it. He tells me to sit at it.

I do and I stare at the floor and play with the hem of my skirt, just like a girl.

"Do you know why you are here?"

I shake my head.

"Speak up", he says. 

"No", I say. My voice is odd. Girlish and petulant, not like mine.

"Of course you don't", he muses

"You are here because, quite frankly, I have had enough of your behaviour. You are rude, out of control, disruptive and a terrible influence on other children. I have no choice now but to exclude you. I will call your parents today and they'll have to take you home"

Funnily enough, he does hit the spot. I have been expelled from school when I was 14 and had exactly the same conversation back then.

"No", I wail and grab his hand. "Please, I will be good from now on .Please don't tell my parents!"

"Get up", he says.

He is now standing right next to me, very close but not touching me. I feel his presence with every nerve.

"Maybe we can sort this out. But you will have to be very good. Starting now. First of all I am taking this away. You do not deserve it"

He takes off my house prefect badge. As his hands brush against my breast, my nipples harden. He notices, smiles and leisurely starts unbuttoning my shirt.

"No, please no", I whimper and cross my arms. 

He grabs me by the throat and hisses into my face.

"Now, you little slut. Do you want me to call your parents now or are you going to be good? It's your choice"

Indeed it is. 

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