Thursday, 23 February 2012


I don't wonder who they are. It doesn't matter. All I want at that point is to be taken. I am open, empty and wanting. 

The hands wander up further my inner thigh, I push my arse out even more and then stop just short of my pussy. I want him to go on and I open my legs even wider. I am waiting for that moment when he will slide his fingers inside me and nearly gasp in anticipation. But nothing happens. The hands disappear. I wait for a minute or two shivering like a trapped animal, excited and expectant in equal measure but the darkness becomes discomforting and I begin to notice the surface of the desk on my knees. 

It's hard and uncomfortable. My normal impatient and easily bored self is coming back. I get off the desk carefully, take my knickers out of my mouth and as I steady myself standing, I reach for the blindfold to take it off. Just as my fingers are about to touch my face I get a slap. It's not a harsh one  - more like a swift pat that you'd use on a dog being too insistent. I sway slightly but I am still standing. "Did I tell you to get off?", he says. "No, but..". I don't get to finish my sentence when another swift but harder slap lands on my face. I sway again but won't move now. I am now leaning against the desk holding to it. My skirt is still up. I feel exposed vulnerable and scared but I am not going to show it and I feel a wave of angry defiance flooding my head. "Fuck off", I say and move forward but he's there ready for me. 

He grabs me by by throat and says 'What did you say you little slut?'  I repeat it with full venom expecting a slap again but instead I feel his knee separating my legs and his fingers inside me. He pushes them in so hard it lifts me up. I gasp. 'Look what we found here' he says, 'You are all excited now, aren't you?' By now, the same hand that felt like a vice on my throat seconds before now seems as smooth as velvet glove. I arch my entire body towards him, I push my hips forward wanting him to penetrate me more. And he does. Then he moves fingers gently onto my clitoris and starts masturbating me. Slowly. Then quicker as I feel my clitoris swelling up. I am whimpering and DO NOT want him to stop, I am moving with him, hungrily because I can feel the wave of an intense orgasm coming and I can't wait for it. His hand is now on my mouth to keep me quiet and I am licking his fingers and biting them. All the while I can hear him talking to me gently 'Little slut wants to come now, doesn't she?" I nod my head head eagerly and he lets me come. And I come so hard I can feel my pussy squirting and contracting so much that it's almost painful. As much as I like to, I won't scream. I don't dare as somehow by now I know he wouldn't like it.  

And then lets go of me. I am too weak to stand so I fall on the floor and sit there, head down, spent, my body covered in sweat, my skirt up, my legs apart, my thighs wet, my pussy still delightfully spasming from the orgasm seconds ago, a shivering mess. I can hear the camera shutter click. "Get up, stand up straight, and put your hands behind your back", he says. Although I can hardly move, I pick myself off the floor and stand up.

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