Thursday, 23 February 2012

The back

He strokes me tracing his fingers along my back. He loves my back.

I have a good back you see. Shapely, lithe, muscular. Not your willowy girl sort of back. It's a back that's been exercised and restrained enough times to know its place, and yet to rebel against it.

"Stay', he says, as if he were training a dog.

I balk. 

'I take it's a no", he says leisurely. He grabs my hair with one hand and applies the very much needed discipline with the other to my neck. I find my face mumbling into a pillow.

"Let me go you... fucking cunt!"

'Oh, she dropped the C-bomb", he muses while I am struggling, hissing, spitting like a cat you picked off the floor, claws out.

He smoothes me out, my legs trapped between his. 

"Pretty pussy', he says approvingly as he acknowledges my swollen, wetly bubbling submission with his fingers.

Restrained properly, I get the cock filling me up. The completeness of the experience surprises me. I give in as he quietly drives it in and out in a relentlessly calm way.

"How's my little tiger cub?"

I purr, stretching my whole being towards him.

One way to keep me quiet I suppose...

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