Sunday, 12 February 2012


I am exhausted. Not easily done. The slut is pretty much always ready. But he fucked me so much that I am fucked out, tired, sore and sleepy.

'I have this over-whelming urge to fuck you again'

I am pretending to be asleep.

'Actually, I want to tie you. Stretch you. Hands and legs tied to the bed posts. You are ready. And then I leave, close the door, get myself a drink, read a paper for a bit. And then come back when you are begging to be fucked'

My ears prick up. My cunt is slowly flooded with wetness. I feel myself dripping onto my thighs.

So, I say nothing. I just sleepily move towards him, signifying willingness, offering myself. I choose not to open my eyes. He leisurely flips me over and restrains my legs between his, so I lay in front of him like a bound little mummy and then just drives his  cock into my cunt, his hard length melting into my bubbling and hot softness.

He fucks me. Hard. I start whimpering and he feeds me his fingers to keep me quiet. I suck on his thumb greedily while he fills me up and I explode in a shattering orgasm. 

He stops, and parts my legs. In one brutal stroke. I am now fully compliant. It's not like you can have a high moral ground with you arse in the air.

He keeps on fucking me in a desperate need and I want it so much, I whimper like a little bitch on heat. He withdraws just before coming and I can feel his cum splattering all over my back in hot droplets.

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