Thursday, 23 February 2012

Yes Sir

I am wearing a schoolgirl outfit. I just got spanked for being in charge of the possy of the trouble makers.

"Did you smoke behind the bike sheds?'

'No, I didn't!"

"I heard about this trip where you sucked off the boys on the bus. Is that true?"

Pouty little lips, tugging at my skirt, my fingers playing with the school stockings I am wearing.


"You did, didn't you? You little whore"

"No, Sir, I didn't I swea.."

My excuses are cut short by a swift physical turn. Grab by the hair, lift of the skirt.

Short, decisive spank.

"Ouch ouch ouch'

Another one. And several more in a swift succession.

My bottom is smarting and I am whimpering now.

"But I..."

"Did you or did you not suck off some of the boys?"

My little blonde head bows in submission. I get pushed on my knees.

"I will not tell anybody about this", he says in a considered way. "But you need to please me. Open your mouth"

A hard fragrant gorgeous cock hovers between my lips.

"Maybe", I mumble feverishly while he pulls up my skirt and fingers me.

"Maybe?', he asks me. 'MAYBE?! You are wet, you little slut'

I suppose I am. I suck greedily on his cock.

"Good girl"

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