Friday, 10 February 2012


So, thinking about it... I am lying there, my body arching, covered in a mist of sweat, as you slide your fingers inside me, I am like a little limpet, holding onto you, all feeble and just relying on you to pleasure me, expecting a reward. I now want you to make me come. You see me just writhing, my whole body pushing onto your hand, my big blue eyes looking at you pleadingly "Please make me come. Please will you make me come?". As you feel my cunt tightening around your fingers in the intense pleasure you are meting out to me, your other hand stroking my breasts, soft and smooth with only the rosebud hard nipples, which you lick and suck as they are swelling in your mouth and you feel me come again, squirting out so lo and behold... Your cock is rock hard  and all you can do is to take your little fuck toy  as I lie there exhausted and helpless... But instead... you spank the little demanding slut as I gasp because I know the punishment was long coming for being so willing and wanton. As the first flash of pain hits my bottom, I push onto your hand again, dripping all over your fingers with every stroke. "Please, I will be good now" I plead, turning my little blonde head, eyes full of hurt surprise demanding mercy, but you know the little slut will not behave as I am still  greedily thrusting myself onto your hand. So... your hand falls on my bottom again and again. Unforgiving and firm. By the time I am fully compliant, you slide your cock inside me and have me, I inhale deeply as my tight hot cunt envelopes your pulsating cock in a tight greedy grasp and I push my  pert bottom towards you so obediently you would never believe that your little slut could ever misbehave again, as you push me down, looking down at my strong back resisting you, smooth and muscular, pushing onto your cock. It feels so big inside me it hurts. It hurts so much as you drive it into me and I come almost instantly contracting and squirting all over your cock, shivering and you fuck my spasming cunt until you release in an an orgasm so long deep and intense, you finally and involuntarily collapse on top of me.
I want you to think about this a lot. I want you to masturbate thinking about it  every time you come, and as you are holding your cock glistening with pre cum about to come, imagine you are fucking my mouth and my cunt,  spilling into me.

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