Saturday, 26 May 2012


It starts gently.

His hand snakes deftly around my neck. 

I bolt, my arms pushing him away, my hands rolled in fists, small and punchy.  Leisurely, with a languid smile and closed eyes, he locks my arms behind my back with one well-thought out move.

I am now fully immobile, with my back arched.

His cock enters me from behind. I gasp and cry a little in exasperation of having been defeated so quickly.

He knows it and fucks me slowly, driving the point home.

"Stop struggling"

As if on cue, I try to bolt again, all mieowling, scratchy, resisting mess.

And all he needs to do is to tweak my arms so that I have no room for movement.

That simple.

Clearly, I am a slow learner. I hiss insults and turn my head in a defiant angle.

'Fuck you"

Then he lifts me up, gets my hips exactly how he likes them, pushes me against the wall, my entire body squashed against it, my hard nipples pressed in, his cock penetrating me so deeply that I gasp and protest loudly right until he sticks his hand in my mouth to stifle the noise and fucks me even harder in long measured strokes.

I stop resisting.

To be fair, he holds my forehead so I don't bang my head against the wall. Nice gesture.

Apart from that, lesson learned.

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