Saturday, 26 May 2012

Beautiful girl. Again. 1 of 2

We meet up at last. It's awkward at first. After all, we don't know each other at all. We just met at a silly party few weeks ago and all I did was to listen and restyle her hair.

We head to mine, tipsy and heady.

We sit on the sofa chatting. 

I touch her thigh casually. She does not move. Just stares at me, trusting. 

I know I have won her over. I feel a little callous because what I am about to do is not in any way unknowing or misguided. 

Her thigh quivers under my touch.

She closes her eyes. I look at her for a moment. She doesn't know what it is that she wants but she'll let me have her. Because I am that nice, thoughtful person, right?


I want her.

I stop being shy. I slide my hand between her legs. She's wearing thighs and yet, I can tell how wet she is already.

She takes my hand and urges it down, beyond the elastic. My fingers slide in ease. Dripping.

I know what I want now. I rip her tights off her. She's helping me. 

'Keep your heels on", I order. 

She does. And I like how she listens to me.

As I am confronted with the wet evidence of her desire between her legs, I am just looking at her pussy. Wet, dripping, tight, clit just protruding from the lips. I lick it casually and I get a shivering response.

So, I start teasing her with my tongue. She tastes sour, desperate and utterly delicious. Then I move up, my heavy breasts between her legs, my. One of my nipples gets coated in her pussy juice.

"Lick it", I order. She does, in little flicks of the tongue like a shy puppy. Eyes still closed.

All the while, I get this out of body feeling. I am fucking a woman.

She's back now and wants me. She grabs my hands and starts begging. I move quickly, spreading her arms with my hands. Open.

"Please, please go down on me"

I like the greed. And I do.

I open her for me. Like a toy.

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