Friday, 2 March 2012


"Beware passions Hester. They inevitably lead to something ugly"

That quote from Rattigan's Deep Blue Sea always had me in a place of doubt.

For it is true. In revealing one's passion, one always loses oneself. It's the giving away of secrets, passions, longings that always catches you at your most vulnerable.

It's the humanity of the bare soul. The all encompassing need to tell, to share, to be wanted despite our dirty secrets that make it so incredibly hard to connect.

If I told you that... I wanted you to see me.

And want me for who I am.

But as Don Draper said "People tell you who they are. We don't see it because we want them to be, who we want them to be."

The unfulfilled nature of human nature where we want to be 'found out', 'known', is so intoxicating. It's like we walk around trying to find the person who will know the real us, yet we don't know it ourselves. Foolish and deluded and yet in the pursuit of it, perversely we make ourselves so amiable and acceptable, that we forget who we truly are in the process.

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