Monday, 19 March 2012

Just a quick one...

... as the vicar said to the altar boy.

'Fuuuck, I am so late'

I lean over to kiss you, trying to get off the sofa by jumping over you. But I get stuck. At kissing.

And suddenly I am not going anywhere. Your hands cup my bottom, the blanket slips off me and I have the overwhelming urge to press my hard nipples into you. 

Cursory glance at the watch. I am so late I am yesterday.

You don't bother with my knickers. Just pull them aside, your cock slips into me easily because I am drenched already, from this moment and the two times you fucked me this morning. You fuck me with great urgency. I protest a bit and get a correcting slap. I slap you back because I feel like it while your cock penetrates me to the core. Fuck time. Immaterial. As the orgasm starts building in me with every brutal stroke, I start screaming in my usual wildcat fashion. I get another slap and a hand on my mouth. As you spunk feverishly on my belly, I relax for about 30 seconds, then jump off, taking advantage of your weakened state. 

My clothes go on in record time and I run out of the flat with a fleeting parting kiss. I know better now not to linger. I leg it to the station. 

On the way, I decide to have a quick cigarette. No lighter. Fuck. I see an entrance to a club where the tired bouncers are wrapping up the after hours drug-fucked party full of recalcitrant punters. I swing by and magically they all turn to me. I say nothing and at least three lighters are extended to my expecting cigarette.

I light up and walk off, their stares lingering on me.

Then I catch myself in the shop window. My hair is a mess.  My top is inside out. My face is unmade, my eyes hazy but I look oddly serene.

Another man walks by and stares at me in an almost involuntary way. I look and smile.

Freshly fucked. That's the look. Catnip for boys.

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