Monday, 26 March 2012

Down a notch

I head for the disabled lavatory. Close the door and look at myself. I am flushed and shaky. I lick my lips and turn the tap on. Cold water feels good. I cup my hand and let it flow into a little pool. I carefully sip it and then look in the mirror again. I am going to do it.

Text pops up on my phone. I pick it up with wet hands too impatient to bother with drying them.

"3 minutes. Are you ready?"

"I was born ready" I text back.  I will not abandon my propensity for a one-liner even if I am actually shaking with fear.

The hotel is a swanky one as always. I come here often for cocktails, to entertain clients, the staff know me and should my little plan be exposed at any time, it could backfire spectacularly.

I take off my dress. And look at myself. I'm pleased with what I see.

The hold ups trace the silhouette of my legs. I am wearing a demi bra, with my nipples peeking out just enough to be pinched at leisure and a matching pair of crotchless knickers. Agent Provocateur. The right side of slutty.

I carefully position myself, just as instructed with my hands against the wall, legs apart. Feels good.

One minute to go.

I turn the lock to open and resume the position.

The door opens and I hear lock go again.

He's here. Standing behind me.

"Very nice"

"I know"

"You really think you are a bit special don't you"

I stare at the wall defiantly.

"Yes, I do"

He starts tracking his fingers from the nape of my neck, down my spine and all the way to the small of my back.  I tense and stretch a little. My knees start trembling, the desire and anticipation in a pure whirlpool of delightful confusion. I am no longer wet. I am drenched.

"Well, my little miss special, how about I will fuck you, then take your dress with me and leave you here? I would like to see how you're found out for what you are. Cheap little whore, dragged through the lobby"

He turns me over, pushes me down to my knees, pins my wrists above my head and puts his cock in my mouth. Actually, no. Correction. He rams it into my mouth until I choke and fucks my mouth solidly until I'm dripping with saliva and tears. To be fair to him he cups my head in his hands so that I'm not banging it against the wall. I struggle for breath and when I turn my head and release his cock to catch some air, I get a slap so hard it makes my head spin. I take it back pretty swiftly after that.

As his cum slowly trickles down my throat and I am trying to catch my breath, he picks me up and pushes me towards the mirror.

My face is a mess. Red lipstick smeared around my mouth, make up running from my eyes into dark smudges all the way to my lips. One of the stockings has rolled down my leg.

He holds my hair and pulls it back exposing my neck.

"What are you?"

"A cheap whore" I finally say although the words barely make sense when spoken with my swollen mouth.

'I didn't hear you'

'A cheap whore"

"That's right. Now. Sort yourself out. I'll see you at the bar. Make sure you're presentable. I don't want people to think I am entertaining a hooker"

And with that he leaves.

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