Thursday, 30 August 2012


I wanted to fuck in the dark for several reasons.

1. No faces, no memories. Not right now.

2. No interaction based on on what I think he's thinking or I am thinking or doing or experiencing.

3. Body to body combat because he matches me on propensity to fight and the darkness adds complexity and challenge.

That's what I wanted.

And that's what I got.

We fucked for hours, sweat, cum, smeared all over our bodies, heavy whispers, hands, fingers forced into me, teeth and lips and tongues. He wrestled me, I kicked.  He restrained me, I snarled and fought. He fucked me into submission, then when he was on his back, I jumped on him and rode his cock so hard that in holding to him for purchase, I left the imprint of my palms on his collarbone. It was all very good. No complaints.

Except when he switched on the lights. It was a wrong face on a wrong man. 

When the lights are on it gets that simple. 

"I thought you would never see me again after that time", he mused smugly.

"So did I', I replied wearily.
And after all that, I left the room with the face I did not want to see this evening still imprinted on my mind.

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