Saturday, 1 September 2012


I am lost in thought, having my coffee and writing.

Then I feel his hands snake around me, he brushes my breasts lightly and wraps his long arms around my midriff. I lean back to feel him closer, his head resting on my shoulder. 

'Hello you", he smiles and sits with his long legs across the bench next to me.

I look at his bright greyish blue eyes, the same colour like mine, still feeling his arms around me and smile. Because quite simply he has that effect on me. It's not lust, wanting to fuck, the frenetic need that has driven me in the past. 

It's just his face, the warmth, the ease, the touch, the scent that make me want to be close to him. 

There is something quite beautiful about him, something I cant quite put my finger on, something that eludes me.

"I really want to show you this. What do you think?", he plonks a ream of printed paper versions of the design we discussed a couple of days ago in red and cream.

"Looks great", I say. "The colour isn't right though. Maroon and taupe - that's what you need here. Taupe is like brownish grey, and maroon is less aggressive than red. It's less shouty, more subtle"

His face lights up.

"You are right. Where were you yesterday when I was choosing the paper? Taupe? Write it down for me. You know my spelling is terrible"

Involuntary reaction. I reach out and stroke his hair. I feel like pulling him towards me and kissing him. But I don't. 

"I need to dash. Already late", I say instead and write down the 'maroon' and 'taupe' while he's watching me intently.

I get up, he hugs me and rocks me in his arms. I feel his body neatly folding into mine, and yes, I can feel his cock pressed against my belly. And that sends a shiver down me, as people are milling around us. In that split second, I want rip his clothes off, have him push me onto the table, lift my skirt and fuck me. I want his head on my neck, his breath burning my cheek, my legs wrapped around him helping his cock penetrate me to the core. Right in front of everyone. That moment passes and I free myself from his arms and then I walk away. Who am I kidding? I do want to fuck him. But not yet.

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