Sunday, 23 October 2011

Two's a company, three's a crowd

So I went to a party last night with my thoroughly fucked back. Fortified by painkillers but still quite dazed. My better half (MBH) is a dirty fucker but languidly possessive when it matters. We chatted to a few people, I wasn't drinking because of my painkiller intake and I was acutely aware of everything. I got chatting to this gorgeous man. Tall, muscular, beautiful, big blue eyes, Irish extraction. We had a passionate exchange on the Palestinian issue for an hour or so. I could see that despite my flat shoes and a loose fitting dress he was checking me out, trying to work out what my body was like under all the layers of comfortable cashmere. For once, you see, I wasn't dressed for fucking. The pain was too intense for me to care.

MBH arrived by my side at one point, being acutely aware that Madame was being amused and distracted. He is never a fan of someone catching my intellectual fancy. While he can comfortably cope with me being a sexual fuck thing to others, the idea of me connecting intellectually with someone riles him. He interrupted and sent me to get him a drink, I followed only because I knew that he needed to do his male ownership thing and I am not foolish enough not to let him have it when it's needed. By the time I came back with a glass of cheap white wine, I knew the gorgeous intellectual (GI) and MBH have closed a deal. "Get your jacket", MBH said curtly.

In the cab, I was sandwiched between the two of them. They were talking cricket, which I hate and don't understand and I fucking hated it. It was MBH's way to unsettle me and make me feel excluded. But I knew why he was doing it. There was no pushback from me. I understood what was happening.

We got home. MBH switched on the lights and the heating. As the boiler hummed into action, I dropped my coat on the sofa and was about to walk over to the kitchen when I had a short and sharp awakening. A grab by the hair. Hand on the throat. Bending me backwards. My back muscles went into a spasm. He knew it would happen. It hurt as fuck. But it held me in one spasmed position.
"So, little fuck thing had a plan of her own, didn't she?"

Trying to work through pain and answering such a grave accusation was a struggle. One that sent a wave of excitement through me ending in a wet, soaking feeling between my legs. I chose not to answer. If he was being a cunt, I would be one too.

"I asked you a question." It was genuinely meant and I genuinely decided to answer with the over-arching thought that my back is killing me.

'Fuck right off", I said with defiant venom.

GI came towards me. I could see him. Tall and gorgeous. He kissed me, his tongue playing with mine gently; such a good kisser; my pussy reacting with juices flowing. I reciprocated so fully he dug his tongue into my mouth, with the pain of my hair being pulled back still firmly in place, my back hurting as fuck. He started stroking me. All along my arched body. Neck, chest, breasts, (a lovely pinch of the nipples), my concave stomach and my hips. He pushed me towards him. I could now feel how hard he was and I strained towards him. MBH's hand was still on my throat and hair but a swift swing of my hips backwards revealed a hard and satisfying bulge in his trousers. I smiled. I knew there were two cocks to to be had. Oh, back pain aside, what a feast.

"Little whore wants her cock, doesn't she?" MBH said gently.

He let go of me and pushed me onto the sofa. I fell and I could see GI walk over and kneel on the sofa. I could feel his cock pulsate  and strain under the denim fabric without touching it. A big boy, I was sure. He opened the flies and here it came out. Beautiful, cut too, at least 8 inch gorgeousness. He slipped it into my mouth. Oh what a joy. He tasted sweet and clean. He was long and smooth, the shaft already slightly open with a salty taste of pre-cum. I knew he must have been hard from just talking to me earlier. MBH was behind me, he lifted my cashmere dress, did not even pull my knickers down. He simply pushed it aside and I could feel his satisfyingly thick length slipping into me. Beautiful thing about long-term relationship trust? He does not use a condom. I felt him deep and warm, right up to my cervix.

He fucked me hard while I was salivating over GI's cock; literally. I was dripping saliva, my eyes  watering because he was so fucking big, he keept deep-throating me and I gagged with pleasure. MBH was loving it of course; the little fuck thing got her comeuppance. And then it ended.

GI suddenly withdrew and so did MBH, I as left over that sofa, so close to an orgasm, with no cock. My knickers were pulled aside, leaving my pussy so exposed and swollen, dripping down my thighs. I couldn't move because my back hurt. But, hello... I could see what was being plotted though.

They switched. MBH's cock, covered in my pussy juice made it into my mouth, while GI's condomed cock (MBH would never ever let anybody bareback his fucktoy) nestled at my pussy lips at first and then pushed in at its punishing length. The joy of double penetration nearly had me come, especially as I could taste myself on MBH's cock, licking it all off greedily. My back was really hurting by then as the painkillers have worn off but it did not matter as I had two cocks to work with. MBH was demanding my attention, penetrating my throat with the tip of his cock and making me gag, while GI was away at it pounding my soaking pussy with his punishing 8 inch length, it nearly hurt. I went further though. One hand on MBH's balls, I can could them contracting in anticipation of his spunk hitting my mouth, and my other at GI's balls, contracting too, massaging the spunk inside to explode inside me. Oh, the joy. They came within seconds of each other. MBH's sperm hitting the back of my throat and GI's cock spasming inside me. I orchestrated my orgasm too. I came seconds before them, delaying for that purpose alone with sheer will power. I do think GI could have go on for longer but my pussy spasming around his cock was too much.

I was lying on the sofa now, knickers aside, tired, with the deliciousness of MBH's salty sperm trickling down my throat. Tired and in pain.

Then I got a glass of water and a couple of pills on an extended hand and I took them like a good girl.

"It's her painkillers and Valium" MBH helpfully explained."She has a slipped disc"

'Oh... I see" I could hear GI say.

"Let's put you to bed little one", MBH said gently. He picked me up as  as whimpered with pain to be put in bed - little used fucktoy. MBH stayed with me for  a while, to ensure I was comfortable. As I was drifting off to sleep, aal rolled up in a comfy ball, I listened to the two of them on about the test match or something.

Oh, the boys... Bless.

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