Friday, 21 October 2011

The Sleeping Beauty Fetish

Sleeping Beauty fetish. Never knew about it until I read this film review where a student, in Australia, of all places, decides to go for her 'I was young, I needed money job' and ends up being a sleeping beauty. Made up beautifully, lying on a bed, where men, (for a hefty fee) can do anything they like with her, except the intercourse.

I got immediately turned on. Being touched by strangers while overtly asleep? Fabulous. So, I googled it immediately and skipping the Wikipedia pages about the fetish itself (I mean, it's self explanatory, right?), I got to this little beauty of a porn video.

Why I like it?

She is gorgeous? I mean, wouldn't you? Her arse is perfect, her pussy is beautiful too. Just a pair of perfectly formed orchid lips, ready to take that hard cock. I like the gentleness of it. I like the way she is just a plaything, ready to be taken. Nothing brutal or too nasty. She is being fucked in her dreams.

I am obsessed by how beautiful her body is. Her breasts are just right, full and soft with perfect rosebud dark nipples. She hasn't got that tight arsed porn star look to her. White skin, gorgeously soft. Her arse and waist ratio are perfection. I can imagine myself holding her, hips resting on my hands while I am pushing my cock inside her tight, wet pussy deeply and firmly. And I haven't even got a cock. Oooh, I got carried away.

Anyway, enjoy.

UPDATE: This video has been deleted, I have scoured the web for it in vain as this was definitely my favourite one.

This one isn't too bad, nicely shot if slightly too stylised for my liking. Next best thing, I suppose.

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